Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

Second Part of the Misako Aoki Q&A Translation


What colour do you want your wedding dress to be?
I want to wear a cute pink Lolita dress with lots of ribbons. A Lolita style wedding would be nice.


What is you secret to staying skinny?
Eating without being picky. Working as a nurse you are on your feet a lot, so I guess I burn many calories that way. When I get the feeling I have overeaten a bit I do Yoga or window shopping.


What activity makes you happiest?
Finding a cute piece of clothing while shopping and eating a nice piece of a cake in a coffe shop. Those times I just cant help but smile.



What do you want to be reborn as?
Being born as a human again would be nice.
I would like to be a good looking popular guy and date cute girls (laughs).


What is great about being a Reader Model?
I was chosen to be a „Kawaii Embassador“ and meet Lolitas in more than 10 countries.
I get to wear a lot of different clothes. I turned from a very insecure person to someone with selfconfidence.


What do you think you would be working as if you had not become a nurse?
Shopstaff, Cosmetician, Stylist, Schoolcounselor, PE Teacher.


What do you always bear in mind while working as a nurse?
Always carry a smile and calmly observe my surroundings while continuing to do my work.


Please tell us an episode from your work as a nurse that was especially touching for you.
When hearing „thank you“ from a patient or seeing an adopted child regain health and leave the hospital, for a nurse those are the moment when you that what your work is valueable. This kind of work deals with human lives, so of course you also witness death. The individual nature of each persons case is very important, I try to always keep that in mind. You can not take care fully of people when your heart and body is not well, so I take good care of myself every single day.


What would you like to challenge next?
As a woman I certainly want to experience marriage and motherhood, but before that I want to get even more invested in working in television.


What is the one need you can not give up?
Drinking milk daily. (On night shifts I used to drink around half a litre. It has a relaxing effect as well, I love milk more than anything.) I also have it with every meal!


When feeling down, how do you regain your spirit?
Since I am not really the type to brood over things... I recover through talking with my mum or friends and than just sleep, the next day I feel better again. Also eating delicious food helps me forget. 



What is your favourite saying?
Continuation becomes a force.“
Being Lolita and being a nurse where both things that I kept doing. I got the chance to appear in a book and on television. If you continue doing something, that will become your strenght, I believe this will connect to 
great chances.


What is your personal source of happiness?
The existence of fans who comment on my blog and write letters, come to tea parties and always support me. I love getting involved with people, that is why being able to connect with all of you is my source of happiness.


What is you dream now?
I want to keep both my work as Lolita and nurse up. I think it would be nice when my appearance on television makes people think they want to become a nurse or try wearing Lolita.


How many children do you want?
Two (It would be nice if one became a girl, I would like to make her wear Shirley Temple, me wearing Emily Temple, doing partner look).


Someone you admire?
My parents (Especially my mum, because she is a very powerful person! Now she is working as a swimming teacher, but in her youth she won the national athletic championship.) Looking at it from that angle my family really is a „sport family“.


When we see Misako on the street is it okay to go up to you and say hello?
I often do shopping alone, so please always come up and talk to me♪

From overseas we got the following question:

What is Misako's make up point and fashion point when she woke up late and only has 15 minutes to make up?
I believe that you can transform greatly only by applying rouge and fake eyelashes, so that is where i set my priority. For fashion I decide according to my intuition, mood and „Today's point of fashion“.

The last two Questions are kind of long so they get an extra post